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Workflow Management Overview for Enterprise


The workflows tool displays all current workflows created for the Enterprise, and also allows you to create new workflows. These workflows are often thought of as checklists that can be created for an Enterprise user. Some common workflows that you may see on this screen could be related to:

  • Account Activation
  • Implementation of new accounts
  • Sales Manager Check In’s, EDI Files


  • Name of the workflow.
  • Description of the workflow.
  • Type: Displays the resource or persona responsible assigned to the workflow. 
  • Active
  • Total Instances: Individual instance of a workflow that has been triggered within the system.  
  • In Process Instances: Those in the process of the Workflow.
  • Avg Duration: Average number of days it is taking to complete the Workflow.

Action Drop-Down Menu

From the Action drop-down menu, you can:


  • Create Workflow
  • Delete Selected Record(s)
  • Duplicate Selected Workflow(s)

Note: When deleting a workflow that is no longer in use, you also remove any history of the completed workflows.

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