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Performance Management for Managers: Reviews

The Reviews tab gives managers access to reviews that have been created for employees that report to them. Managers must access the review forms from this tab to complete the review.


For each record, the manager can see the Review Date, whether the employee or a manager is assigned the review record, the Review Form used for the review, the date the review was completed by each reviewer, the date the review was signed by each reviewer, and the score of the review by each reviewer.

For the manager’s review of the employee, they can begin or continue the review by clicking the hyperlinked review form next to their name. When the manager enters a review, a wizard will step them through completing their review. There will be steps for them for each item included in the Weighting / Optional Items tab in the Admin Portal.

Managers do not have access to the Employee’s self-review. The manager can see the details of the review only after all reviews have been completed for an employee by using the Print link. This prints a composite of all reviews for the employee for the specific review date.

Once all review records for a Review Date are completed, which means there is a date in the Date Completed column for all of them, the print hyperlink in the Print Review column will become active and a composite of all reviewers scores for the review can be generated by clicking it. Depending on the settings configured in the Print Options tab in the Admin Portal, there may be signature lines at the bottom of the printout for the employee, manager, and/or higher-level managers to sign.

If Electronic Signatures are turned on in the Settings tab in the Admin portal, there will be a Date Signed column. Once all reviews have been signed, the "click here to sign link" will become active. The manager will click this link and then follow the onscreen instructions to electronically sign the review.

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