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Processing Applicants: Actions

Applicant_Actions_-_00.pngThese are the actions that will be used in direct contact with the applicant.

Decline Applicant: This option allows you decline an applicant. Giving you the option to select the decline reason, change the applicant’s status, and whether to contact said applicant using your preconfigured decline email template.

Schedule Interview: This option allows you to contact the applicant via email and schedule a time. The time scheduled will be made available to the selected interviewer’s Employee home page calendar.

Request EEO Info: If the applicant did not answer the EEO question, this option allows you to send them a questionnaire via email. The answers will NOT be linked to the applicant’s information.

Hire Applicant: This option allows you to proceed with the Hiring process. This will require a pay rate, SSN and benefit eligibility date. Hire date can be used if no benefits are provided.

Send to Hiring Managers: This option sends an email notification to the job post’s designated hiring manager.

Print Profile: This option prints the applicant’s job application.

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