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How to Create a Merge Form in Core HR

Merge forms are prefilled mail merge forms that are created using an RTF (Rich Text Format) document. You will create a document using Word or Notepad, type your letter, and then copy and paste any of the fields from the “Merge Fields” tab of Core HR.

Viewing Available Merge Fields

  • From the menu, expand Settings and click Prefilled Forms.


  • Click the Merge Field tab to view the list of available merge fields.


  • You will see a list of all available fields available for creating a merge form.



  • Create a document that you want to prefill with data stored in the Core HR system. A sample document is illustrated below.
    • When using a merge field, it must be entered in exactly as it is listed. For example, the first name field must be entered as [First Name], not [FirstName].


  • Once the document is created, it will need to be saved as a .rtf file.


Adding your Merge Form

  • From the menu, expand Settings and click Prefilled Forms.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create New Merge Form.


  • Enter the necessary information for your merge form:
    • Name - The name of your form.
    • Description - A short internal description of the merge form.
    • Document - Use the Browse button to select your saved RTF document to upload.
  • Click Save Properties when finished.
  • After saving your document, you will be taken to the Preview tab where you can use the "Click here" link to download a preview of the merge form using your information.


  • An example of a merge form has been provided below:


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