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How Employees Create an Expense Report for Core

Employees can submit Expense Reports for manager and administrator review if they are granted permission to the module. Employees can upload mileage, receipts, as well as see an overview of their reports submitted. 

Creating a New Expense Report: 


Log into Employee Portal > Menu > My Time > Submit Expense Report 


  1. Select the "Expense Reports" Tab - This tab sets up the greater expense report information 
    1. Actions > Add
    2. Enter Title (required) 
      1. Examples: Sales Convention, Company Trip, Holiday Party Planning 
    3. Enter Start and End Date of Expenses included in this report 
    4. Paid Date - If expense report has been paid already, enter the date paid here 
    5. Notes - Add any applicable notes for Manager or Administrator review
    6. Click "Add Record" 
      1. 360040768594-Expense_report_1.PNG
  2. Navigate to the Expense Report Details Tab - This tab will allow you to enter individual records against the larger expense report 
    1. Actions > Create Expense Report Item 
    2. Enter Expense Date 
    3. Select Expense Account for this line item 
      1. Accounts can be specific to type of expense (ie: Company Vehicle, Client Dinner, Events Team)
    4. Notes - Add any applicant notes for the expense item 
    5. Total Amount OR Mileage Reimbursement - Different Expense Accounts allow for different dollar amount entries 
      1. Total Amount - Enter the dollar amount this expense is for
        1. 360040768854-total_amount.PNG
      2. Mileage Reimbursement Details
        1. Starting Odometer Reading - Enter the beginning mileage reading from vehicle 
        2. Ending Odometer Reading - Enter ending mileage reading from vehicle 
        3. Calculate 
          1. The system will then determine the total number of miles traveled, and with that information determine the Total Amount of this expense item: Total Miles x Pay Rate = Total Amount 
          2. 360041599553-Miles.PNG
      3. Receipt Upload - Upload any documentation related to this expense report record 
      4. Click "Add Record" 
      5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all expense line items for this report 
        1. 360040772634-reports.PNG


 Submitting a Completed Expense Report: 

  • Marking an Expense Report as submitted will allow managers and administrators the ability to review and approve. 


Log into Employee Portal > Menu > My Time > Submit Expense Report 

  1. Select the Right Hand Check Box of the Expense Report you would like to Submit
  2. Actions > Mark Selected as Submitted 
    1. 360040767814-mark_as.PNG



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