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Activate User Accounts and Loading Users to Time Clock

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This article is an excerpt from a more complete article: Setting up your ZK Time Clock

In order for an employee to log time on the hardware time clock, they must be loaded to the clock prior to clocking in. This article outlines how to load users to the Hardware Time Clock, and the requirements needed before loading users. 

Note: Before loading users to a hardware time clock, the following items must be configured: 

Activating User Accounts

For your employees/users to be loaded onto the Time Clock, they must have an Active Account created within Core HR. If an employee has an active account, you will need to set their Entry Assignments.

An active account is:

  • A User ID has been generated for the User.
  • The User Account cannot be locked.
  1. This can be done by going to the menu, expanding Settings, and clicking Time and Attendance.


  2. Click Settings from the top menu bar.


  3. Click the Entry Assignments tab.


  4. In your employee list, select the entry assignments for your employees.


    • Entry Type - Must be either Time Clock - Punch or Timesheet & Time Clock - Punch.
    • Time Clock Auth Type - Must be a selection other than "Not Assigned."
    • PIN - If the Time Clock Auth Type is either "Card Swipe" or "PIN Entry," then the PIN must be entered for the users (Card Number or Unique PIN)

Load Users to Time Clock

Once the users have an active account and their entry assignments have been configured, the users can be loaded to your Time Clock.

  1. While in Time and Attendance, go to the ZK US10C Time Clocks tab.


  2. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Reload Users to All Device(s).


  3. Your HR system will send data for all eligible employees to your Time Clock.
  4. You can review the logs to confirm which employees were sent.


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