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Testing/Confirming Connectivity

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This article is an excerpt from a more complete article: Setting up your ZK Time Clock

After your Time Clock(s) have been added to your Core HR account, you need to verify that your Time Clock is communicating with your account properly.

Confirm on your Time Clock

While looking at the screen of your Time Clock, you should see a globe icon in the top right.

  • NO CONNECTIVITY - If you see a red X over the globe, then your Time Clock is not properly communicating with your Core HR account.


  • YES - If you do not see a red X over the globe, then your Time Clock is properly communicating with your Core HR account and further setup can be performed.


Confirm on Core HR

  1. From the menu, expand Settings, and click Time & Attendance.


  2. Click Settings from the top menu bar.


  3. Click the Time Clock Config tab.


  4. Click the ZK US10C Time Clock tab.


  5. Find the device that you recently set up and look at the Last Request Time column. This column shows the last time that the Time Clock communicated with your Core HR account. If the time is current, then the clock is communicating properly with Core HR.


  6. After a successful communication, Core HR will notify you if your Time Clock has not communicated with Core HR within 15 minutes of the last communicated attempt and highlight the device in red.


Additional Notes

  • The software will attempt to communicate with the time clock approximately every minute.
  • If a clock does disconnect, it will continue to store any time in or out punches made by an employee.
    • Once the clock is able to connect again, stored punches will be communicated.
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