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Understanding Red ! Exclamation Points on Time Cards


Throughout the work week, as your employees are working, you may notice a red exclamation point next to their names on their time cards.

This icon is trying to draw attention to their time cards to correct any oddities that may need to be corrected such as:

Incomplete Time Records

An incomplete time record will present with a missing field depending on what the employee did or your ExakTime Connect settings. Incomplete time records will have no hourly total until corrected. Any of these records can be corrected by editing the information or deleting the time record, depending on your need.

  • If an employee clocked in without clocking out, their time will show with a missing stop time.


  • If an employee clocked out without clocking in, their time will appear like below.


  • When an employee works over a specified threshold, their time will be separated so the clock in and out appears on different lines. If time records appear like this frequently, you may need to adjust the Time Card Time Entry Settings under your company settings.


Overlapping Time Records

An overlapping time record is used to indicate if two time records could be overlapping and may affect the employee's timesheet. The Understanding_Red_Exclamation_Points_on_Time_Cards__115001877053__Overlapping-Time.png to the left of a record indicates overlapping time records. Overlapping time records can be corrected by editing the information or deleting the time record, depending on your need.


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