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How to Use Report Filters

Report filters are used to specify what type of information should be referenced when generating a report by allowing you to select certain employees, locations and/or cost codes.

Every report has a filters section which you can expand to begin selecting what the report should use. Anything that is not selected will be excluded.

Filters Overview


  1. Clear All Filters - Remove any current filter selections.
  2. Status - Select to see either All employees in the filters list, or only Active/Inactive employees.


  3. All/Selected - Switch between All items or only selected items.
  4. Employee/Location/Cost Codes Selected - Select the specific item(s) that you want to view in the report.
  5. Employee/Location/Cost Code Categories - Select the item category(s) that you want to view in the report.

Selecting An Item/Category

To begin, you will click on the option to add an item to your filter.Report_Filters__360001718893__Filters_-_Add_Employee_Circled.png

In the following window, select the item(s) you want to focus on in the report and click "Done" when finished.


Multiple items can be selected from employees, locations, and/or cost codes. From the example below, the report will only show information that contains the employee "Matt Cook," employees with the category of "Temp" and the location of "Brentwood Remodel"


Common Filters Issue


The message "Sorry, there's nothing to display for the report you requested" is a common message that can be caused by having filters enabled, but not selecting anything to filter to. In the example below, we have selected to filter out anything not selected, but we have not selected anything. You would either select the employee, location and/or cost code to filter to or select all.


  Additional Information

For more information about the general use of reports, you can refer to Complete Guide to Reports of ExakTime Connect.

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