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Why Am I Unable to Approve Time?

When trying to approve a time card, there are situations in which you will be unable to do so. The most common reasons have been listed below with solutions. 

Not Viewing A Pay Period

As the time card approvals are currently designed for approving a pay period. If you were to use any other date range such as a single-day, a pay week, or a custom date range, the "Approve Time" button will not appear. Simply view a pre-defined pay period and the "Approve Time" button will re-appear.

Viewing and Approving Pay Period

Unable to Approve Custom Date Range

Time Card Exceptions

Depending on security role settings, you may not be able to approve a time card if there are any exceptions (incomplete time records, overlapping time, etc.)  This will present as grayed out "Approve Time" button. Once the time card is free of exceptions, be it by the employee completing the time records through their normal process or the time card is edited, the Approve Time button will be clickable.

Approving a Complete Time Card

Unable to Approve a Time Card with Exceptions

Lacking Permission

For non-administrators, the permission to approve a time card can be given or taken away from an ExakTime Security Role. If everything on the time card appears to be in order (Viewing a pay period & the time card is complete) and you are not an administrator, you should contact your ExakTime Connect administrator to ensure that you have the appropriate permission to approve time.

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