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Complete Guide to Location View for Time Card Details

Location view on Time Card Details allows you to view your employees based on the locations they worked from your Time Card Details.

When viewing an employee's time card, it will show all of their time records from any location. Location view helps you focus on the employees that worked at a given location.

Location View List

The location view can be accessed by clicking the "Location View" tab from the Time Card Details page.


When using Location View, the location list will list all active locations and any inactive locations with time associated. The Employee List will only list employees that have time records associated with a selected location.


  1. Employee/Location View - Switch between Employee or Location View
  2. Location Search
  3. Employee Search
  4. Location List - Active locations and inactive locations with time records associated will be listed here. If a location has been used by your employees in the current pay period, the location will have black text. Locations that have not been used will have grey italicized text.
  5. Employee List - Employees with time records for the selected location will be listed here.
  6. Red Exclamation Point for Locations Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png - If a location used by an employee has incomplete time, a red exclamation point will appear next to the location name.
  7. Red Exclamation Point for Employees Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png- If an employee's time card has any time records that require your attention, a red exclamation point will be shown next to their name. This can be caused by an incomplete time card or overlapping time records. This icon can be expected if you are viewing the current work week as your employees may be working at the time.
  8. Inactive Icon Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Inactive_Location.png - An inactive location with time records associated will show this icon.

Time Card Hours, Pay Period & Actions


  1. Time Card Hours & Approvals - The employees overall time for the selected pay period and if there are any time card approvals will be shown here.
  2. Pay Period - The pay period selected will dictate what time will be shown. The drop-down menu will show quick options for date ranges. The arrow buttons can be used to go to the previous or next pay period/week. Clicking the calendar icon will allow you to choose a specific date range up to 31 days. If you use a custom date range, you will not be able to use the arrows to quickly navigate between different date ranges. If you have not set up a pay period/week, you can refer to the following article.
    • Pay Period Options
    • Date Range Selection
  3. Time Card Actions - Actions such as adding time, recalculating the hours, and printing the currently selected time card can be performed here.
  4. Column Manager - Add or remove certain columns from your time card.

Time Card & Icon Meanings


Your employee time card will contain all records created within ExakTime Connect, ExakTime Mobile, or a JobClock. Each time record will contain where the employee worked, what they did, the time worked and the overall hours. There are some functions that can only be done from the time card area.

  1. Click this icon will allow you to collapse or expand the time records for the given day.
  2. Start/Stop Time - The start or stop time will include a small icon to the right. The color of the icon will indicate what the GPS provided at the time of the punch is in relation to the select location. Hovering over this icon can also show an GPS information, FaceFront photo, and more. 
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__No-GPS.png - A blue icon indicates that there is no GPS associated with this time record. This can be due to:
      • Lack of location services at the time of creating the punch.
      • If the time record was created manually from within ExakTime Connect.
      • if the time record was created automatically by the system such as a midnight split.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Location-No-GPS.png - A grey icon indicates that there is GPS for the time record from the employee's device, but the selected location does not yet have a GPS coordinate.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Outside-GeoFence.png - A red icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is outside the GeoFence of the selected location.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Inside-GeoFence.png - A green icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is within the GeoFence of the selected location.
    • Hovering over the icon will provide more information.


  3. Comments can be included while editing a time record for future reference.
  4. Time Record Functions - There are a few functions that be done with a time record.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Edit_Time.png - Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit time records for the day.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Trash.png - The trash can icon will delete the time record.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Globe.png - If available, the globe icon will open the Map View page that allows you to see the position of the mobile device as the employee clocked in or out.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Icon_-_Mobile_Forms.png- Clicking this icon will allow you to adjust/add ExakTime Mobile Form responses. For more information on how to edit mobile form responses, you can refer to the following article.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Overlapping-Time.png - This icon will indicate overlapping time. This icon will appear next to any time records that are overlapping each other.
    • Policies_Icon_-_00.png - This icon indicates that a record was created by a policy, most commonly auto-lunch.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Exported.png- This icon indicates that a record has been exported via AccountLinx.
  5. Field Notes will be a clickable option to show any field notes made by the employee during their work hours.


  6. Any field with incomplete data will be shown with a red exclamation point Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png symbol. If the employee is still working, then this is expected. If a field is incomplete for a prior work day, then it must be corrected to show an hourly total.

Editing Your Time Cards

The best practice is to make all your edits (adding, editing, and/or deleting time records) in one batch before saving. As the policies will be applied to the time card after saving, saving after every minor edit will result in multiple policies applying and take longer for the fully calculated time card to present.

Adding a Time Record
  • Specify the date range you will be adding time for.


  • Click the employee that will be receiving time from the employee list to the left.


  • Click Add Time...
    1. at the top of the time card to select a specific date for the selected date range.
    2. next to the date to add more time for a specific date.


  • Select the location and cost code to be used and enter the start and stop times. If needed, a comment can be added as a reminder as to why the time was manually added.


  • Click Save after making all your necessary changes.
Editing a Time Record
  • Specify the date range you will be editing time for.


  • Click the employee with the time card that you will be editing.


  • Click the Edit icon Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Edit_Time.pngor the field that you want to edit. Boxes will appear around all the time record fields for the day that can you edit.



  • Edit/Enter the necessary information for the time record(s).
  • Click Save after making all your necessary changes.
Deleting a Time Record
  • Specify the date range you will be deleting time for.


  • Click the employee that will be deleting time for.


  • Click the trash can icon next to a record. If you are already editing a time record, click the red trash can icon.



  • The record to be deleted will be grayed out like below.


  • Click Save after making all your necessary changes.
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