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Guide to Setting Up and Using Expenses for ExakTime

The Expenses feature allows your employees to submit any work expenses right from ExakTime Mobile to you in the office on ExakTime Connect, or to track expenses from within ExakTime Connect.

Enabling Expenses

If expenses have not been enabled for your ExakTime account, you can expand the instructions below.

Expand for Steps on Enabling Expenses
  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click on the Optional Features tab and enable Expenses.



  • Click Save at the bottom.
  • You may have to sign out and then back in for the navigation bar to show Expenses under Tools.

Setting Up and Using Expenses

  1. Granting Permissions for Expenses for ExakTime - Employees must be given permission to view expense records on ExakTime Connect and add expense records with ExakTime Connect or Mobile.
  2. Setting Up Expense Types for ExakTime - Expense types are created from ExakTime Connect and are selected when creating an expense record from ExakTime Connect or Mobile.
  3. Reviewing & Adding Expense Records in ExakTime Connect - Expense records created with ExakTime Connect or Mobile can be reviewed from ExakTime Connect. 
  4. Expense Reports - Expenses can be reviewed via Reports to keep digital/physical copies.
  5. Adding & Reviewing Expenses In ExakTime Mobile - Expense records can be added from ExakTime Mobile and recently created expenses can be edited or reviewed. To review all past expense records, the expense records must be reviewed in ExakTime Connect. 
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