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Guide to Collection Details for ExakTime Connect

The Collection details are used to view time records in their "raw" form before they are processed to the time cards and are affected by things such as roundings, deletions, and more.  It can also show more information that is not normally seen on the time cards such as the specific device used to clock in/out or the employee that was signed in when a record was created.

Go to Tools and click on Collection Details.



A. The top half of the collection details will show the devices that have been used to send in time records to ExakTime Connect and when they last communicated information. Clicking on any of the devices will filter the bottom half of collection details to records sent from the selected device.

B. The bottom half of the collection details will show all of the time records received by ExakTime Connect based on the date range. You may see a series of tabs such as:

  • Assigned - This is generally where you will be reviewing your employees' punches.
  • Unassigned
  • Punches

The bottom half will have seven columns by default. They correspond to:

  • Touch Date: When the time record was created.
  • Employee: The employee associated with the time record.
  • Cost Code: The cost code associated with the time record.
  • Location: The location associated with the time record.
  • Session Date: When the time record was sent.
  • Logged In: The user that was signed/logged in who created the time record.
  • Device: The device that was used to create the time record.

When reviewing the bottom half of ExakTime Connect, you can review information such as:

  • When an employee clocked in/out down to the seconds.


  • If another employee clocked in on behalf of another employee using the Clock For function on ExakTime Mobile.


  • When a record was sent and received.


Icon Meanings

With each punch on Collection Details, there will be an icon to indicate its status. If the punch does not have any of the icons listed below, the record has not yet been processed. The record will be processed automatically and will not require any input on your part.

Icon Meaning
recordImported.png Time Record Imported - Time record has been imported and is present on your time cards. Policies may affect the time that appears.
recorddeleted.png Time Record Deleted - Time record has been imported and then deleted/edited manually.
locationNotAssigned.png Location Not Assigned - At the time of clock in/out, the JobClock was not assigned to the location.
employeeNotAssigned.png Keytab Not Assigned - At the time of clock in/out, the keytab was not assigned to the employee.
dateError.png Date Error - The time record has a date/time that is not expected (e.g. a JobClock will reset its time to 1-1-1970 after power loss.)
duplicaterecord.png Duplicate Record - A record was ignored as it is a duplicate of another time record in the system. Commonly due to an emergency recollect of a JobClock. 
quarantinedrecord.png Quarantined Record - A record that cannot be placed onto a time card as the time card is locked due to a closed pay period or time card approval. 
specialEvent.png Special Event - A recorded event for a JobClock (e.g. date/time change, bluetooth activation, etc.)
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