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How to Open & Setup TimeSummit Utilities

TimeSummit Utilities is used to connect your AccountLinx/SyncLinx applications with your ExakTime Connect account. During the installation and initial setup of AccountLinx/SyncLinx, if you skip the step that helps you set up TimeSummit Utilities with your database credentials, you will need to open TimeSummit Utilities from the program folder on your computer.

Opening and setting up TimeSummit Utilities can require elevated computer privileges. You may require an Administrator login for your computer to open TimeSummit Utilities and proceed through the setup.

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Opening TimeSummit Utilities

Finding TimeSummit Utilities within Start Menu App List

From the Start Menu, scroll through the list to the "E" section, expand the ExakTime, and click TimeSummit Utilities.

ALX - TimeSummit Utilities - Start Menu - 01.png

Finding TimeSummit Utilities within Start Menu with Search

From the Start Menu, search for "timesummit utilities". The Start Menu should automatically show you the best matches from your PC as you type the app name. Click TimeSummit Utilities from the left-hand side or Open on the right-hand side while TimeSummit Utilities is highlighted. 

ALX - TimeSummit Utilities - Start Menu - 03.png

Navigating to TimeSummit Utilities through "My Computer"

Assuming that you installed AccountLinx/SyncLinx to the default folder path, TimeSummit Utilities can be found here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ExakTime\AccountLinx
  • Go to My Computer/My PC. This can be done from your Start menu or by pressing the File Explorer button from your toolbar.


  • Go to Local Disk (C:)


  • Go to Program Files (X86). If you do not see "Program Files (X86)", then click on "Program Files" instead.


  • Go to ExakTime


  • Go to AccountLinx


  • Look for and click on TimeSummit Utilities with the TimeSummit_Utilities_-_02.png icon. 


Setting Up TimeSummit Utilities

  • Click Database Settings to the left in TimeSummit Utilities.


  • Enter the credentials unique to your company in the Server, User ID, Password, and Database fields. The fields may be pre-populated when going to the database settings. If the information in those fields is incorrect, you can remove this information.


  • Click Test Connection after the credentials have been entered. 


  • You should receive a message that the connection was successful. Click OK to remove the message and then click Save next to the "Test Connection" button.
    • If you receive a message that the connection tested successfully, but your database is out of date, you can disregard the message. This will not impact your use of AccountLinx/SyncLinx.


    • If the connection test fails or TimeSummit Utilities closes suddenly, put quotation marks (") around the password and try to test the connection again.



  • Open AccountLinx/SyncLinx when finished to confirm that everything was set up properly.
    • If you receive a message that AccountLinx/SyncLinx could not connect to the database, double-check that you have set up TimeSummit Utilities. A common mistake is entering the credentials, but not saving them.

For the full steps to install and set up AccountLinx/SyncLinx initially, you can refer to the following article: Installing/Updating AccountLinx & SyncLinx

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