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Applicant Tracking Overview for Core

The applicant tracking system uses settings that should have been configured during the first part of the implementation process. This includes settings for your company departments, skills tracking, positions, surveys, and managers. It is possible to complete the basic configuration and set up for the applicant tracking without this however it is recommended that at least the departments and managers be set up in your system prior to training and configuring this module.

The Applicant Tracking module offers a wide range of tools to assist with the following:

  • Configure Administrative Applicant Tracking module 
  • Build out a customized Recruiting Portal
  • Post and revise job opportunities
  • Review and hire applicants
  • Enable CareerBuilder to assist with employee screenings
  • Enable ZipRecruiter to boost open positions

Company Departments

The departments are required when creating a job post. They can be configured in the system settings. Please follow this path to create your company departments:
Setup > Setup Properties > Field Value Setup > Departments

Skills Tracking and Positions

The job posting allows you to create positions that require a specific skill set. As applicants create their skill profile during the application process they are automatically graded on a percentage match. The skill set specific to the position being posted can be pulled in to the job posting by selecting the corresponding Position.

Positions and skills can be configured by going to:

  • Skills: Settings>>Performance Management>> Skills - here you will enter your skills categories first, then your skills
  • Positions: Settings>>Performance Management>>Positions - here you can select the desired skills for your position and add a position description. Both can be pulled into the posting by selecting the corresponding position from the drop down that is available when you click on Create Job Posting


References can be sent a survey with a series of questions about the applicant. Surveys are created by going to Settings>>Surveys. Once a reference questionnaire/survey has been created it will appear in the drop down on the Job Posting Contact tab of the job posting "Reference Form". Select the appropriate survey for the references to respond to. The reference survey is automatically sent when the applicant provides a reference with a valid email address and the survey has been selected in the job posting. Results are attached the the applicant profile for review later in a PDF format.

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