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Review Time Off Requests for Managers

Time Off requests can be reviewed by expanding Manager Links in the menu and clicking Review Time Off Requests.


There will be a series of tabs that allow managers to review approvals, blackout dates, current balances, and more.

Time Off Approval

The Time Off Approval tab is where Managers can either approve or deny pending requests. The data on this tab can be filtered by Date and by four different categories.


To Approve or Deny a request:

  • Click the checkbox to the far right of a request.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, approve or deny the request.


When Time-Off requests are Approved or Denied, the system sends the employee an email informing them of the status of their request.

Holiday & Blackout Dates



The Calendar displays Time Off information for the selected view.


Employee Management

Manage employee time off requests from the grid below. Start by selecting an employee from the pick list. If you are unable to view any results, ensure that your filter settings are correct. You may filter your results by Year and Time Off type. Keep in mind that time off requests are submitted under different PTO types.

The following options are available:

  • Time Off Summary
  • Time Off Detail
  • Time Off Forecast

Time Off Summary

Manage employee time off requests from the grid below. Select the employee with the drop-down menu to review a summary of their time off such as accrued hours, requested, remaining, etc.


Time Off Detail

Note: Granted transactions will be automatically converted to Taken transactions shortly after midnight of the Transaction Date (or the next processing date if a granted transaction is added for a date in the past).


To Create a Time Off Record:

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Add New


  • Enter the following information:


    • Select Time Off Type
    • Select Transaction Type
    • Select Transaction Date
    • Enter Units
    • Enter Comments
  • Click Add Transaction

Time Off Forecast

The Calculate Time Off Forecast button provides the ability to calculate and view Time Off Units and Balances forecast for the next year.



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