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Coverage Info

Data Element  Data Type  Comments 
Package_ID Integer  
Benefit_ID Integer  
Plan_ID  Integer  
Option_ID Integer  
PackageName  String  
BenefitName String  
PlanName  String  
OptionName String  
BenefitStatus  String  
PackageEffectiveDate DateTime  
PackageExpirationDate  DateTime  
Benefit_EffectiveDate DateTime  
Benefit_ExpirationDate  DateTime  
PremiumAmount Decimal  
CreditAmount  Decimal Employer Contribution
EmployeeCost Decimal Premium Amount – Credit Amount
HSACredit  Decimal Credit amount applying to HSA Benefits
EmployerCoveragePercent Decimal  
AllEarnings  Decimal  
RateOfPay Decimal  
AllEarningsTestResult  Decimal  
RateOfPayTestResult Decimal  
IsAffordable_AllEarnings  Boolean Returns true if the coverage passes passes the All Earnings Affordability Test
IsAffordable_RateOfPay Boolean Returns true if the coverage passes the Rate of Pay Affordability Test
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