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Data Element Data Type Comments
AnnualCreditAmount Decimal   
AnnualEmployeeCost Decimal   
AnnualPremiumAmount Decimal   
BenefitName String   
BenefitType String   
CarrierCode String   
CoverageAmount Decimal   
CreditAmount Decimal   
DeductionCode String   
DeductionCodeAlt1 String   
DeductionCodeAlt2 String   
EffectiveDate DateTime   
EmployeeCost Decimal   
EmployerCost Decimal   
ExpirationDate DateTime   
ID Integer Unique identifier for the deduction record
OptionName String   
PackageName String The benefit package name
PerPayEmployeeCost Decimal   
PlanID Integer Unique identifier for the plan
PlanName String   
PostTaxDeduction Decimal   
PremiumAmount Decimal   
PreTaxDeduction Decimal   
EDCode String   
ERDCode String   
ModifiedDate Date  
PreTaxDeduction_PerPay Decimal  
PostTaxDeduction_PerPay Decimal  
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