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Employee Info Skinny

Data Element Data Type Comments
InfinityHREmployeeID Integer The HR Employee ID
PayrollEmployeeID String The Payroll System's Employee ID  
EmployeeSSN String The employee's SSN stored in the HR System.
CompanyID Integer The HR Company ID
IsAdmin Boolean   Indicates if the employee is an administrator.
CompanyVendor_ID String   The value representing the vendor's company ID
ChangeFields FieldInfo() An array of object FieldInfo
Deductions Deduction() An array of object Deduction  
Compensation Compensation() An array of object Compensation  
DirectDeposits DirectDeposit() An array of object DirectDeposits  
StateTax StateTax() An array of object StateTaxt  
FederalTax FederalTax() An Array of object FederalTax
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