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Field Info

Data Element Data Type Comments
FieldName String The name of the changed field. (e.g.: firstname, homestreet1, hoursworked)  
ValueBefore String The value the field had before the change.
ValueAfter String The value the field was given as of the change.
FieldDataType String Identifies the intended datatype of the field:Text [String]NumericWhole [Integer]NumericDecimal [Decimal]DateField [Date]DateTimeField [Datetime]BooleanField [Boolean]
DataCategory_ID Integer   The Data Category the field belongs to as identified using the GetDataCategories() web method.
ChangeType  FieldChangeType   Indiciates if the change was an Add, Delete or Change
ChangeDate Date The date and time the field was modified.
Table_ID Integer The ID of the record in the associated table.
RecordInfo String Describes the record in order to provide the relationship of the change to its parent record.Note: The format is [fieldName] : [fieldValue] | [fieldname] : [fieldValue]Examples:(employee change) employeeid: 555 | ssn: 999999999(coverage change) package: 2014 Benefits | benefit: Dental | plan: DPPO
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