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Prior to running the utility, settings must be established for the evolution connection, the Core HR connection, the Scheduler (optional), and Email (optional). Begin by opening the evoInfinityHR utility.


Evo Connection Settings

To establish the evolution connection settings:

  1. In the Settings menu > click evoConnection.
  2. Enter the information in each field.
    1. Contact the service bureau for the API Adapter address if the user does not know it.
    2. Enter an evolution username and password.
    3. Select Save Password (optional) to avoid having to retype the password at each login.
  3. Click OK.

Core HR (InfinityHR) Connection Settings

To establish the InfinityHR connection settings

  1. In the Settings menu > click InfinityHR Connection.
  2. Enter the information in each field.
    1. Vendor ID - if Enterprise is selected, the utility syncs all companies belonging to this client. Left unselected, only the main company’s information is updated.
    2. Enter the password provided by Core HR (InfinityHR).
    3. URL – enter the Core HR (InfinityHR) Web service address.
  3. Click OK.

Scheduler Settings

The import process can be set up as a scheduled task in the Scheduler.

  1. In the Settings menu > click Scheduler.
    Result: Previously scheduled tasks appear in the list.
  2. Click the Add Import Task button to add a new task.

Add Task


  1. Select a Date Range, within which employees were added / modified, from the dropdown list.
    • Note: When the Date Range selected is The Current Week , or The Last Week , the range is Mon – Sun.
  2. Select the From (start) and To (end) dates and times. (The time is populated by the InfinityHR server.)
  3. Click the Schedule Task button to add the new task to the Scheduler.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select Send the Report When Done (optional), to send a report upon completion of the task.
  6. Select Attach Log Files (optional), if the log files are to be attached to the email with the report.
  7. Click OK.

Scheduling or Removing a Task

  1. Select the task in the list.
  2. Click the Edit or Remove button.


Email Settings

Email settings must be established to send reports and log files.

  1. In the Settings menu > click Email Settings.
  2. Enter the mail server address and port.
  3. Enter the SMTP server’s credentials (Username and Password) if applicable.
  4. Enter the From: address and the To: address.
    • Note: Only one email address can be used as the From: address and one address as the To: address.
  5. Click the Test button to send a test email for verification.
  6. Click OK.



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