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Audit Data for Payroll - Compensation Data

The Compensation Data Tab includes the following two sub-tabs:

Record Comparison Tab

The Record Comparison Tab displays record count totals by Employer Code and Rate Code between the Payroll and the HRIS Application. The Difference column should equal zero in order to ensure that records are fully in sync between the two applications. The Discrepancies Tab can be used to identify any differences in specific records between the Payroll and the HRIS Application.

Record Discrepancies Tab

The Record Discrepancies Tab displays the specific records that are different between the Payroll and HRIS Application. This tab will include the following discrepancies:

  • Records that exist in Payroll but not in the HRIS
  • Records that are mapped to the same Employer Code, Employee ID, and Rate Code but have different Start Dates, End Dates, or Unit Rate Amounts.

IMPORTANT DATA NOTE: The data displayed on the Comparison or Discrepancy Tabs is valid only as of the last date and time that the data was refreshed from Payroll. It is not a real-time comparison of data. In order to compare the HRIS data to the most recent Payroll data, the appropriate data-set should be refreshed from the Data Summary Tab.

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