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Employment Screening Management - Employee Background Screening

Employment screenings, powered by Aurico, provides a full-range of services to help mange staffing and performance needs throughout the hiring process. With today's candidate pool being larger than ever, finding people with the right skills, behaviors and values is extremely important. Organizations can't afford to waste time and money pursuing less-than-ideal candidates.

With employment screenings, powered by Aurico, you'll never have to worry that important details are embellished or missing, or that you're pursuing the wrong people.

This service offers a full-range of background screening services to help manage staffing and performance needs throughout the hiring process.

The screening programs and packages are configured for your Account and can be activated directly within our system for both current employees & applicants/potential candidates. These programs and services include:

  • Background checks with actionable information
  • Detail feedback from previous employers and supervisors
  • Drug testing with paper or electronic chains of custody
  • Proactive, solutions-focused service
  • Customized web-based report delivery
  • Comprehensive, country-specific international reports

To learn more on the offers Aurico will provide throughout our system please visit or contact your Account representative.

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