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Create Benefit Package: Step 2 - Configure Benefits Structure

All benefits and plans visible or invisible to employees must be created for deductions to occur.

Administrators are able to:

  • View entire benefit structures for whichever year they wish.
  • Manipulate and edit the name of benefits and plans.
  • Change the order of benefits and plans from this screen.

If a benefit is not listed under "Configure Benefit Structure", employees are unable to enroll in the benefit within the HRIS system and the change events that employees can be offered. Administrators should use this screen to see how many employees have been processed for specific benefits and how many have access and elections in the plans underneath each benefit. Administrators may duplicate, and delete benefits from this screen as well. Deletion can only occur if no employees have been enrolled or processed for the benefit.


  • No plans underneath the benefits can be created before the benefit is added. Your first selection will be the benefit type. Your benefit type will determine tax and configuration thereafter. Please select from the names available, and if not seen please select “other 1-5”.
  • Only one benefit type can be selected per benefit. Default settings are applied immediately after you save and continue, although they can be altered.
  • You should never re-use a benefit type or have duplicate benefit types within the same package.
  • This will affect EDI (electronic data feeds) to carriers and reporting.
  • This will also affect events and selection of benefits for employees within benefits.

Adding a Benefit

Click Add Benefit from the Actions drop-down menu.


From there, you can refer to the following articles to create the benefit and plans for the benefit.

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