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Walkthrough of Time Card Detail for ExakTime

As your employees clock in and out, their times will be consolidated and calculated on their respective time cards.

You can review, edit, or add to their time card from the Time Card Details page.

  • Go to Time Cards and click on Time Card Detail from the top menu bar.


Reviewing Time

  • When you first click on Time Card Detail, you will be brought to the Employee View and see the first employee in your employee list.


  • To change the date range of time to view, use the pay period selector or select a custom date range.


  • To view an employee's time card, select the employee on the left hand side. Any employee with no time will have their name gray and italicized, while employees with time will have their names in black.


  • Time_Card_Detail_Walkthrough__360015619434__Incomplete.png - Any red exclamation point symbols in a time card can indicate missing information that must be corrected by the administrator. This can be the result of a time entry not having a related clock in or out. If the employee may still be working, the missing time should not be corrected until you are sure that they are no longer working.


  • Next to every start and stop time is a small "i" icon in a circle. Hovering over this icon shows you their FaceFront photo in any and/or their relative position during their clock in/out to their reported location if they were outside of the GeoFence for their location.


  • Time_Card_Detail_Walkthrough__360015619434__Icon_-_Globe.png - If GPS information has been associated with a time record, you can view where the employee was during their clock in and/or out by clicking the globe icon. 


  • Click Print View to print out the time card you are viewing at the time.


Adding Time

To add time, you can click Add Time at the top of the time card or next to the date if the employee has other time for that day. A new line will appear where you can specify the location, cost code, start time and stop time for the time record. When finished, click Save. After a brief delay, the hours for the time record will be calculated.

  • A comment can be entered for future reference. 
  • You can add multiple time records for the pay period before saving to speed up the process.


Editing Time

To edit an existing time record, you can click either the pencil icon to the left of a time record or click on any of the time record fields to enter edit mode. You can then adjust information such as location, cost code, start time, etc. When finished, click Save. After a brief delay, the hours for the time card will be calculated.

  • You can adjust multiple time records before saving them to speed up the process.


Deleting Time

To delete a time record, you can click the trash can icon to the far left of a time record. The record will appear grayed out showing that it will be deleted. When ready, click Save. After a brief delay, the hours for the time card will be calculated.

  • You can delete multiple time records before saving them to speed up your process.


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