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Enabling ExakTime Forms

ExakTime Forms allows you to have employees answer specific questions when clocking in/out for further review in ExakTime Connect. If your employee's profile has been set to Spanish or French, they will also be able to view the mobile forms in the appropriate language.

Things to Note

  • ExakTime Forms will only appear when employees are clocking in/out for themselves. They will not appear when using the "Clock For" function.
  • The data will only be recorded if the employee completes the clock in/out process. If the employee backs out or closes ExakTime Mobile in the middle of filling out the form and before finishing their clock in/out, the data will not be recorded and lost.

Enabling ExakTime Forms

  • Go to Manage and click Company Settings.


  • Click the Other tab.


  • The option for ExakTime Forms should be towards the bottom of the "Other" tab. There will be a checkbox for each of the form(s) you want to be presented to your employees. If you would like a visual of what the employees will see, view the examples from the following section.


  • Click Save towards the bottom of the web page to save your changes.
  • Your employees will see the ExakTime Forms after they sync their ExakTime Mobile device if any mobile forms were enabled.

How the ExakTime Forms Appear

Injured? Meals and Breaks? Signature COVID

How to Review Form Responses

After your employees have answered the ExakTime Forms, they can be reviewed from a variety of pages:

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