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7/2023 - AccountLinx & SyncLinx Release Notes - Acumatica Integration

Arcoro is excited to announce we will be enhancing the AccountLinx/SyncLinx experience with integration with Acumatica in an upcoming update to AccountLinx/SyncLinx for July 2023. This article will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.



ExakTime to Acumatica integration will now allow time record data to be exported out of ExakTime and imported into Acumatica using Arcoro’s Accountlinx (ALX) and Synclinx (SLX) software. Previously this option was not available for ALX or SLX a custom integration was required. The image below demonstrates the relationship between ALX, Connect, SyncLinx (SLX), and Acumatica.

AccountLinx (ALX)

AccountLinx (ALX) is a locally installed sister software to our primary Time & Attendance application, ExakTime Connect. ALX specifically handles the exporting of time records and time record-related data from Connect to the customer's accounting package of choice.

For information on configuring and using AccountLinx with Acumatica, please refer to the following article.

SyncLinx (SLX)

SyncLinx (SLX) is an application that connects to select 3rd party accounting programs and imports key information into the TimeSummit database. The information imported varies from import module to import module, but will generally include some combination of Employees, Locations, and/or Cost Codes.

For information on configuring and using SyncLinx with Acumatica, please refer to the following article.

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