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9/2023 - ExakTime Mobile Release Notes - Meal Break Clock For

Arcoro is excited to announce we will be enhancing ExakTime Mobile with the capability for users to start/end a manual meal break with Clock For. These enhancements will be available starting from ExakTime Mobile version 2.89. This article will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.


ExakTime Clock For – Meal Break

Users with "Clock For" permission now can start and stop meal breaks for those employees and crews that are in a manual meal break policy. This new feature will help field supervisors fully manage their crew’s time as well as breaks.

Clock For Individual Meal Break

If a "Clock For" user has at least one employee in a manual meal break policy, the "Clock For" screen will show a new Meal Break button. When clocking for an individual employee, tapping the Start Meal Break button will start the meal break for that individual. The button will then update to End Meal Break and can be tapped again to end the meal break.


Clock For Crew Meal Break

For crews, tapping the "Meal Break" button will take user to a new employee status screen. The screen will show those employees who are either in a "Clocked In" or on "Meal Break" status. From this screen, the user can start a meal break for those in a "Clocked In" status or end a meal break for those already on a meal break.

Please note: The meal break settings and notifications will be ignored in the clock for process. It is the responsibility of the clock for user to know when to start and end meal breaks for their employees.


Mobile Device & App Requirements

Clock For Meal Break feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms for phones and tablets. Users will need to be running an iOS/Android operating system version that is supported by ExakTime Mobile and will be on ExakTime Mobile version 2.89 or higher to get the updates.

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