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9/2023 - ExakTime Connect Release Notes - AI Messaging in Alerts & Notifications

At times, you may find yourself in the position of needing to send an alert or notification to their employees and could benefit from some assistance in composing it, this is where our innovative new feature comes in. We're pleased to introduce the integration of ChatGPT capabilities within our Alerts and Notifications feature. By simply entering a subject, you will promptly receive a customizable recommendation to aid them in crafting their message effectively.

By utilizing Azure AI Studio’s OpenAI ChatGPT integration we can bring the full power of AI to the Arcoro system. We are starting with ExakTime Alerts and Notification in ExakTime.

While this is not a trained model, we are able to put a system message into the backend with the use case for this specific feature. We have phrases to help create a notification with a subject and message to employees in the construction industry. This allows you to put in very simple prompts and the output will be focused on the use case of the feature as this may be your first introduction to using AI. 

Ask AI to Create a Message

Releasing in September, anyone using Alerts and Notifications will see a new option in the editing menu when creating alerts or notifications.


Entering a Prompt

Clicking the Ask AI to Create a Message button will open an overlay menu. Users can enter a prompt message and click generate a message to see and edit the AI output.

Generate Message: Active after text is entered in the prompt field. Press to have AI generate an output based on the prompt entered.


Reviewing and Editing the AI-Generated Message

After entering a prompt and clicking Generate Message, the overlay will update with a subject and message field. The AI will try to generate a subject and message together but, in some cases, depending on the prompt entered the subject may be blank.

Both subject and message fields are editable in the expanded overlay screen. Character limits per delivery type will be enforced on the overlay screen.

Regenerate Message: Users can have the AI create a new subject and message based on the original prompt entered, or users can edit the prompt to generate a new result anytime while on the overlay screen.

Use Message: This button when active will apply the subject and message as written on the overlay screen to the main alerts and notifications area to be sent.



User Experience Epdates to Alerts and Notifications

Visible Character Counts

ET - Tools - Alerts Notifications - Character Count - 01.png

Character count limits change based on the delivery methods available. We have added visible character counts so users are aware of the limits and can make adjustments to the subject and message fields accordingly.

The character count will update to the lowest per method selected:

  • Email = 5000
  • Push = 168
  • SMS = 150

For example, if all three delivery methods are selected, the available character count will be 150.

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