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10/2023 - ExakTime Connect - eCommerce

  Upcoming Update

This article contains information for an upcoming release and is subject to change.

Arcoro is excited to announce we will be enhancing ExakTime with eCommerce in a future update. This update will allow users with the default Administrator role to purchase additional employee licenses, update contact info, and more. This article will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.

ExakTime eCommerce

It is now easier than ever to conduct eCommerce transactions within ExakTime Connect! We are pleased to release the new My Account site, where you can manage key elements of your ExakTime account, including purchasing additional licenses, updating contact information and payment methods, and viewing and paying invoices.

How to use eCommerce/My Account

You can learn more about how to use My Account with the following article.

Transactions Not Supported in eCommerce

For transactions not supported in eCommerce such as upgrading sales packages, hardware purchases, or general sales/account questions, please contact your Account Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Can I decrease my license count via My Account? No, in order to decrease your license count please contact your Account Manager
Can I make changes to my sales tier via My Account? No, in order to make changes to your sales tier please contact your Account Manager
Can I purchase hardware via My Account? No, for hardware purchases please contact your Account Manager
If I have other product lines besides Time & Attendance (ExakTime) will I be able to conduct transactions related to those products as well? No, My Account is currently only set up for ExakTime transactions
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