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Why is My Employee Not Seeing a Feature/Option on ExakTime Mobile?

ExakTime Mobile offers a variety of options and features to help your employees and supervisors track their time, review and approve their time cards, and more. Many of these options and features will be dependent on your company's settings, security roles, and ExakTime Mobile version. If a user is not seeing an option/feature as expected, you can check the following:

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Confirming the Issue

If you have your usable copy of ExakTime Mobile nearby, such as on your phone, it can help to confirm where the issue is coming from. You will be able to sign in on the device with the affected employee's PIN and help verify where the issue may be coming from.

Sync ExakTime Mobile

A common solution to not seeing an option/feature is having the affected employee sync their copy of ExakTime Mobile. As ExakTime Mobile is designed to function with no internet, it has to periodically sync with ExakTime Connect to receive any data for new entities and what employees have permission to access.

After making any changes in ExakTime Connect, there may be a small delay before ExakTime Mobile can sync and receive the new changes. This delay generally does not exceed 15 minutes.

Syncing can be set to automatically sync periodically while ExakTime Mobile is open and can be synced manually. After syncing, it may also help to log out and log back in to ExakTime Mobile if menu has to be refreshed.

Update ExakTime Mobile

New features and options for ExakTime Mobile are generally introduced in newer versions of ExakTime Mobile. If an Employee is using an older version of ExakTime Mobile they should update it to the latest version. 

If you or the affected employee(s) are unsure where to find the version number of ExakTime Mobile or are unfamiliar with updating ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Current OS & ExakTime Mobile Version

As of October 2023, the latest version of:

  • iOS is version 17.
  • Android is version 14.

As of February 2024, the latest version of ExakTime Mobile is 2.91 and supports the following OS versions:

  • iOS versions 16 and 17.
  • Android versions 12, 13, and 14.

Please keep in mind that ExakTime Mobile only supports the following iOS and Android versions:

  • iOS: The latest public version and up to one previous version.
  • Android: The latest public version and up to two previous versions.

If the employee is unable to update ExakTime Mobile to the latest version listed above, it may be due to the device using an unsupported OS version. In these instances, the employee will be unable to use a given feature of ExakTime Mobile until they can update their device's OS and ExakTime Mobile. If possible, an affected employee can borrow a device that can run the appropriate version of ExakTime Mobile to use the feature. 

Minimum Required Version for New Features

It is ideal for all employees to use the latest version to mitigate any irregularities and confusion, but if it is not possible, the minimum required version of ExakTime Mobile for newer features. 

  • Push Notifications via ExakTime Mobile - Requires 2.81 or newer
  • Meal Breaks - Requires 2.82 or newer
  • Time Off Requests/Approvals - Requires 2.85 or newer
  • Time Record Comments on Mobile Time Cards - Requires 2.88 or newer
  • Meal Breaks with Clock For - Requires 2.89 or newer

Double-Check Settings

If ExakTime Mobile is on the latest version and has been synced, then it is possible that the settings have not been enabled within ExakTime Connect.

Check Security Roles

A majority of features/options are dependent on the employee's ExakTime Mobile Security Role such as Time Cards, Time Card Approvals, and more. Make sure that the ExakTime Mobile Security Role has the appropriate permission enabled and that the employee has the correct ExakTime Mobile Security Role.

Crews/Groups Not Appearing

Make sure that the "Show employee, location, cost code, and equipment groups in ExakTime Mobile" option is enabled from the "Other" tab in "Company Settings" on ExakTime Connect.

If the "Show employee, location, cost code, and equipment groups in ExakTime Mobile" option is enabled, make sure that the crew/group has been set to appear in ExakTime Mobile.

Mobile Forms Not Presented

Mobile Forms are enabled from the "Other" tab in "Company Settings" on ExakTime Connect. When enabled it should appear for all employees when clocking in/out.

Meal Break Button Missing

The "Meal Break" button is dependent on the employee's policy group having the "Manual Meal Break" option enabled. Please make sure that the "Manual Meal Break" option has been enabled and set up.


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