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Guide to Using AccountLinx

AccountLinx is an application we offer that allows you to export time data directly or as a preformatted file for a compatible payroll/accounting application. This allows you to eliminate needlessly data entry and effortlessly utilize the time data for payroll, accounting, billing, reporting, and more.

This article assumes you are using the latest public version of Accountlinx to provide an overview of AccountLinx and some commonly used menus/options.

Requirements for Use

Using AccountLinx begins with selecting the "Exporter" which determines how AccountLinx connects to a payroll/accounting application or the file format of exported time data and what options are available to customize exported time data. If you have not yet selected the "exporter" for AccountLinx, you can refer to the following article that provides general steps.

Understanding the AccountLinx Menu

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - 01.png

Mapping Buttons

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Map - 00.png

The "Map X" buttons allow you to specify how entities match between ExakTime and payroll/accounting applications for exporting time data to be accepted into ExakTime. The available buttons depend on the payroll/accounting application exporter you are using they can have different requirements for time data.

Clicking a "Map X" button will open a new window that allows you to map entities directly or by inputting letters/numbers, depending on the exporter selected. The "Map X" can also display additional columns/options depending on other enabled settings.


For more information about the mapping process, you can refer to the following dedicated article for steps.

Export Button

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Export - 00.png

The "Export" button allows you to initiate the export process for any selected time data of your employees. 

The export process will enter any selected time data into a supported payroll/accounting application directly or export a file containing the time data.

After the time data has been exported, it will be marked as exported in ExakTime Connect with a yellow arrow and be "hidden" in AccountLinx so it cannot be re-exported.

ETC - Time Card Details - Exported Records - 01.png

For our best practices on the AccountLinx export process, please refer to the following dedicated article.

Date Range

ALX - AccountLinx Menu - Date Range - 00.png

The selected date range will determine the time data that is shown for export and is generally the first step for exporting. We recommend selecting the date range that matches your pay period for the time data that you want to export. Selecting a date range for a large period can result in issues such as prolonged loading times or exporting time data that was not intended to be exported.

To specify a date range, select the start and end dates, then click "View".

Employee List

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Employee List - 00.png

The employee list towards the left will list your active employees in ExakTime.

  • The employees' names will be black if they have time available to export for the date range selected.
  • The employees' names will be grey if the employee does not have any time records available for export.
  • If an employee has no time records available for export and they are selected for an export, no data will be exported. 
  • A red exclamation Understanding Red Exclamation Points on Time Cards (115001877053)_Red_Exclamation_Point.png icon will appear for any employee with incomplete time records for the selected date range. 
  • Clicking the column headers allow you to sort or filter the employee list.

Additional Employee Sorting Options

We offer additional options to sort your employees to improve your exporting experience.

Employees with Time in Date Range

Employees can be filtered based on having time for the selected date range with the drop-down menu above the employee list. Employees who have no time records will not be listed. Employees with incomplete time records will be listed, but their incomplete time records will not be listed on their AccountLinx time card. The employee's time card should be corrected for their time records to be exported. 

ALX - AccountLinx Menu - All Employees Date Range - 00.png

Location View

The Location view allows you to separate your employees and their time records based on the locations worked and can be enabled with the drop-down menu next to the search bar. This can help when employees work in multiple locations, but time records for specific locations should not be exported. 

Using the checkbox for a location in the first column will select any time records for an employee containing that location. For example, if an employee has worked at multiple locations, but only 1 location was selected, only the time records with the selected location will be selected. 

A red exclamation Understanding Red Exclamation Points on Time Cards (115001877053)_Red_Exclamation_Point.png icon appears for any location/employee with incomplete time records for the selected date range. 

AccountLinx - Export - Location View - 00.png

Categories to Separate Employees

You can use employee categories to separate employees if you only need to select certain employees, such as field or non-contract employees.

AccountLinx - Employee List Edit.png

Time Record List

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Time Cards - 00.png

The time record list will populate with exportable time records for the selected employee. The column headers allow you to sort and filter the time records list to search for any specific time records to select/deselect. Incomplete time records or time records that have already been exported will not be listed. This time record list is intended for reference so you can quickly see if an employee has time records to export for the specified date range. 

If any changes should be made to a time record, they must be done in ExakTime Connect. After making any changes, click "View" next to the date range to reload the time records. 


The tools menu provides various options for configuring your AccountLinx exports, interface, re-exporting time records, and showing release notes.

ALX - AccountLinx Menu - Tools - 00.png

Exporter Settings

The "Exporter Settings" window allows you to configure your AccountLinx exporter settings and the export file location.

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Exporter Settings - 01.png

Exporter Configuration

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Exporter Settings - 02.png

The exporter settings of AccountLinx is one of the primary menus that allows you to configure your AccountLinx exports for your company's needs. The options are dependent on the selected exporter and can affect your mapping windows or your export process.

Advanced Export File Location

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Exporter Folder - 01.png

The "Advanced Settings" window allows you to specify where your files exports should be saved to and the name of the export file.


The "Options" menu provides various options for the interface and mappings. This menu is seldom used and is primarily used for it's "Integration" tab. The "Integration" tab is further elaborated in the following article.

ALX - Accountlinx Menu - Options - 00.png 

Reset Exported Records

"Reset Exported Records" is an option of AccountLinx that marks exported records as unexported, allowing you to export the time records again. This option is further elaborated in the following article.

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