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3/2024 - ExakTime Connect & Mobile - New Scheduler Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the release of our new Scheduler feature. This article will describe the software updates and provide details for a better understanding.

What is Scheduler?

Schedule your workforce with ease with ExakTime’s new Scheduler feature. With Scheduler, a user can build employee schedules using a calendar-based interface. Each scheduled shift contains key details such as location(s), cost code(s), tasks to be completed, pertinent attachments, and notes. Employees can view their schedule and shift information via ExakTime Mobile, and even clock directly into their shift.

Navigating to Scheduler

Scheduler is moving to Tools and can be found with Tools > Scheduler.


Creating a Shift

Create a new shift by clicking on a date/time block on the calendar (either from the Employees or Locations view), or you can click and drag the desired shift length. An Add Shift modal will appear.


Fill in the necessary information. Shifts can be created as a single instance or recurrence patterns can be set up.

  • There is also flexibility in how to use locations as cost codes. A single location/cost code can be used for the entirety of the shift, or multiple locations/cost codes can be used during a shift by utilizing Tasks.
  • Tasks can be used to help clarify the work to be done for a particular shift. Tasks are optional if location/cost code are set at the shift level.
  • The Notes tab can be used to further clarify work to be done on a particular shift. The Notes tab is optional.
  • Upload pertinent documents for a shift. 10 is the maximum number of attachments allowed and max size per file is 25mb.

Clicking Save will close the shift modal and return the user to the calendar where they will see the new shift represented.


Calendar View

The Scheduler tool allows flexibility in how schedules are viewed. A user can view schedules by Employee or Location (up to 10 different employees/locations can be viewed at one time) as well as by Day, Week, Month, Agenda, or Timeline View.


View Activity

The Scheduler tool has a built in activity log to help with any auditing needs.


Scheduler Alerts & Notifications

The Scheduler tool also has several different notifications that can be enabled. Notifications can help inform both employees and supervisors of key information such as an upcoming shift or if an employee is late for a shift. Notifications can be set up to send via ExakTime Mobile, text, or email. Scheduler Alerts & Notifications can be found under Tools > Alerts & Notifications.


Scheduler Reports

ExakTime offers six different Scheduler reports; Scheduled Shifts by Employee, Scheduled Shifts by Location, Early Employee, Late Employee, No Show Employee, and Scheduled Shifts with Clock In/Out Variance. Reports can be filtered for reviewing specific data points. Scheduler reports can be found under Reports > Scheduler (New Version).

Scheduler for Mobile

ExakTime Mobile users can view their shift information directly in the app, including any tasks, notes, or attachments that are included in the shift. With the tap of a button, users can also clock themselves directly into their shift. Supervisors will also be able to view the schedules for those employees within their viewset as well as clock them into their schedule

image11.png. image12.png

Mobile Device & App Requirements

Scheduler (New Version) feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms for phones and tablets. Users will need to be running an iOS/Android operating system version that is supported by ExakTime Mobile and will be on ExakTime Mobile version 2.90 or higher to get the updates.

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