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3/2024 - Arcoro Onboarding and Core HR Iowa State Tax Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the March release for our customers. This release provides added fields to the Iowa State Tax forms. This article will describe the update and provide details of these changes.

Onboarding & Core HR State Tax W4 Forms

Iowa State W-4 Filing Status Update

New filing statuses were added in Core HR to accommodate the latest filing statutes for Iowa W4.

The filing status drop-down in Core HR will now reflect the following options:

  • O = Other
  • MJ = Married filing jointly
  • H = Head of household
  • MB =Married Filing Jointly with Both Spouses Working


Passing Employee IA W4 from Onboarding to Core HR

When an employee checks the “Yes” to the question “Is your spouse earning income?” during the completion of their W-4 during their employee paperwork in Onboarding, it will pass to the filing status of “Married Filing Jointly- Both Spouses Working” in Core HR.

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