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4/2024 - ExakTime Connect & ExakTime Mobile - ExakTime Forms

Arcoro is excited to announce the ExakTime Forms update for ExakTime. Gather additional data from your employees as they clock in, clock out, or when they are using ExakTime Mobile. This article will describe the software updates and provide details for a better understanding.

What are ExakTime Forms?

Exaktime Forms is a major update to the existing Exaktime Forms feature. Previously, only a standard clock out form asking employees if they took their meals and breaks, had any injuries, and a signature panel were available. Also released in 2020 was a COVID-19 clock in screening form. We have built a feature with Exaktime forms to allow users to create their own clock in, clock out, and library forms.

What Do I Need to Do?

Nothing! Any existing forms you have enabled or not enabled will continue to function once the feature is released with no interruption. Any stock/standard forms currently enabled will remain enabled until you act within the form manager. This ensures no pause or break in existing employee clock-in or out experience.

What If I Have a Custom Form?

If your company is using a custom form created through custom development, please refer to the following dedicated article that covers the next steps.

User Resources

All of our resources for the ExakTime Forms update can be found in the following section.


The various enhancements for ExakTime Forms have been listed below with links to additional resources.

New and Updated Permissions

New permissions have been added or adapted for use with the ExakTime Forms update. More information can be found in the dedicated article.

ETC - Security Roles - Connect - Forms Manager - 00.png

Form Manager

The 'Form Manager' is a new page that allows you to manage, create, and review forms. It will be found by going to Tools and clicking Forms Manager.

ETC - Menu - Tools - 2024 - Form Manager - 00.png


Forms List

The Forms List allows you to manage existing forms, and create new forms for your employees.

More information can be found in the following article.

ETC - Form Managers - Forms List - 00.png


Creating and Assigning an ExakTime Form

Your ExakTime Forms can be created to fulfill various needs, such as gathering required information from your employees, asking employees key questions, etc. While creating a form, you can add unlimited steps to gather as much or as little information as needed. Form pages can also depend on answers from previous pages allowing you to ask follow-up questions for robust data gathering.

When your form is created, you can assign it to your employees based on a manual selection, their employee category, or the employee group they belong to. Once your form has been created and assigned, you can then make the form active for your employees to begin answering. 

You can find more information about creating an ExakTime Form from the articles linked below:

ETC - Form Managers - Create Form - 00.png

Form Wizard

The 'Form Wizard' provides a streamlined experience for creating a form with up to 5 pages as an introduction to creating a form. 

More information about the Form Wizard can be found in the following article.


Employee Assignment

The 'Employee Assignments' page provides a read-only view of the current employee form assignments. The list can be filtered by All Employees, Employee Category, or Employee Groups. 

The list of employee form assignments can exported to Excel.

More information about Employee Assignments can be found in the following article.


Response Viewer

The Response Viewer page allows users to view responses to forms.

More information can be found in the following article.



Form Response Selector

The 'Form Response Selector' allows users to choose ExakTime Form questions they wish to have available in the 'Column Manager' for the Time Card. This provides users the ability to view the form responses like they would time totals. Only clock in or clock out forms may be selected.

More information about the Form Response Selector can be found in the following article.


ExakTime Mobile

In addition to the existing Forms that are prompted when clocking in/out, we have added 'Forms' to the menu of ExakTime Mobile. The 'Forms' menu will allow employees to complete 'Library' forms that can be completed independently of the clock in/out process. 


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