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Process for Creating an EZSign Workflow

EZSign is one of the options to allow your employees to easily fill out documents and/or gather their signatures from your Workflow Management. The other method offered is EchoSign. If you are interested in learning the differences between the two methods, you can refer to the following article.

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How to Activate EZSign

  1. Open the menu, expand Settings, and go to Workflow Management.

    Workflow Management - 00.png

  2. Click EZSign Activation from the top bar.

    CHR - Workflow - Menu - 05.png

  3. Review the terms of agreement for EZSign. If you accept the terms, enter your full name below and click I Accept the Terms of this Agreement.


Tips for Creating Pre-Filled Forms for EZSign

It is recommended to use a PDF Editor such as Adobe Acrobat Pro to create your fillable forms. As this is a third-party application, we cannot provide instruction that covers 100% of situations, but we can provide some times that can help. For assistance with using your PDF Editor, it is advised to contact the creator of the application. 

  • When setting preparing your fillable PDF form, enable the "This document requires signatures" option. If this option is not selected when creating your form, the correct "Signature" field cannot be added to the document and may not be recognizable by EZSign.
  • When creating a form field, try to match the description of the field to the field name of the original document.
  • When creating your form fields, make sure that they are ordered logically and follow the original form. Sometimes if you create the form fields out of order, they may present incorrectly on EZSign.
    • E.g. You create Form Fields 1, 3, then 2. When EZSign presents the fields to the employee, they will see Step 1, Step 3, and then Step 2 if they were not reordered in your PDF Editor.

Adding Your Pre-Filled Forms for EZSign

  1. Go to Settings and click Prefilled Forms.

    CHR - Prefilled Forms - Menu - 00.png

  2. From the Action drop-down menu, click Add New Mapped Form


  3. Enable the "EZSign Form" checkbox and enter a name for the Form.


  4. Browse your PC for your PDF Form.


  5. Click Save.
  6. You will be taken to the Mapped Form Fields page. This page will present what form fields it has identified.


  7. If the form field can have information exported into it, it can be set to use the information currently existing in your HR system. (e.g. You have a form field for the employee's first name. You can specify the field to pull the first name already entered for the employee in the HR system so the employee does not have to enter it themselves.)
  8. Before making a form field mappable, double-check if auto-filling information is allowed for the document or if the employee is required to enter the information manually.


  9. If a form field requires specific formatting, such as a date, you can click Formatting to specify how the information should be formatted.



  10. When done, click Save


  11. After saving your fields, you can preview what the form would look like if any of the fields were mapped.


Creating a Workflow with EZSign

After adding your pre-filled form, it is suggested to test the form with a workflow to ensure that it appears properly to your employees. Depending on your need, you can place the Prefilled/EZSign form at any workflow step.

  1. Expand Settings and go to Workflow Management.

    Workflow Management - 00.png

  2. Open the Action drop-down menu and click Create Workflow.

    CHR - Workflows - Actions - 01.png

  3. Give your workflow a name, set any other options for your workflow, and click Add Workflow. If you are unfamiliar with the options, you can refer to the following article for more information.

    Create Workflow - 00.png

  4. Click the "Step 2 - Configure Steps" tab after adding your workflow.

    CHR - Workflow - Configure Steps Tab - 02.png

  5. Click Add from the Actions drop-down menu.

    CHR - Workflow - Configure Steps - Edit Add - 01.png

  6. Enter a Step Name and specify the resource for the step, such as employee. Add any relevant instructions to help inform the employee what to do, expect, information to have prepared, etc.

    Configure Steps - 00.png

  7. Click Save when to proceed to the other tabs.
  8. Click the Prefilled/EZSign tab.

    CHR - Workflow - Configure Steps - Tabs - 03.png

  9. Select the form that should be used.

    Configure Steps - 04.png

  10. Click Save.

Creating a Workflow Instance for an Employee

  1. Go to HR Data and click Workflows from an employee's profile.

    CHR - Employee - HR Data - Menu Combined - 04.png

  2. Click the Action drop-down menu and click Create Workflow Instance.

    CHR - Employee - HR Data - Workflows - Actions - 01.png

  3. Select the workflow that should be used and click Add Workflow.

    CHR - Employee - HR Data - Workflows - Add - 00.png

How EZSign Will Appear to Users

  1. When a user views the step with EZSign, they will see fillable fields that will match with the fillable fields from the PDF file. After filling in the required fields, the user will click Click to sign and preview document.

    Workflows - 01.png

    CHR - EZSign - Complete - 01.png

  2. The user can sign the document by typing their name or drawing their signature.
    • Only a single signature can be provided by an employee, manager, manager's manager, etc. for the same workflow. If multiple signatures are provided by the same individual in a workflow, EZSign will use the most recent signature. 


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