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Clocking In/Out For Another Employee/Crew With ExakTime Mobile

"Clock For" allows an employee, such as a supervisor or team lead, to clock in/out for other employees.

When clocking in/out, please be aware that "Clock For" will not have any of the requirements/restrictions that the "Clock In" functionality may require such as:

  • No FaceFront photos
  • No GeoFence Warnings/Restrictions 
  • No GPS/Location Services Requirements

Permission to use "Clock For" in ExakTime Mobile must be given by the ExakTime administrator and is reserved for higher-level users such as administrators or supervisors. If you are unable to see "Clock For" and believe that you should have it, please consult your Exaktime administrator for assistance.

  • Tap Clock For at the bottom (on iOS) or the top (on Android) of the Time Clock Screen.


  • Tap Choose Employee or Choose employee or crew. If you already see an employee/crew's name, tap the name instead.


  • Tap a crew name to view the employees belonging to the crew or tap 'All employees' to view all employees available to you. 


  • Tap This Crew to clock in/out if viewing a crew to clock in/out all employees belonging to the crew. Tap an employee's name to clock in/out a single employee.
    • If a crew temporarily needs additional employees or needs employees removed, you can use 'Crew Confirmation', if enabled, later in the process.
  • Tap and select the location and cost code to be used if clocking in. Tap GO or STOP when ready.


  • If 'Crew Confirmation' is enabled, you can add or deselect employees from the clock in/out. Adding or deselecting employees will not permanently change the crew and will only affect the current clock in/out. Tap Clock In when ready.


  • You should see a success confirmation.


  • If you need to change an employee(s) location and/or cost code, you would simply clock them in again. You do not need to clock out the employee to change their location or cost code. You employees can also clock in on their own devices as well.
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