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Direct Employers Distribution List

As you probably know, there is a lot of grey area in what is required of the Federal Contractor. We feed your jobs to Direct Employers which is the not for profit organization that works with many of the state unemployment offices. So, if an auditor comes in you can easily run a report in the ATS and it will show them that you are feeding out to National Labor Exchange for every job and show them the full list that Direct Employers reaches. The full list has been attached as a PDF at the end of this article. We also offer referral groups in which you can set up local relationships and notify those groups via email of jobs. As a federal contractor, you are required to have direct contact and relationship with those local groups. Therefore, we have referral groups set up the way they are requiring a contact.

We have worked with many companies during an audit and this satisfied the requirements. However, Direct Employers offer a service that goes further in which they get you out to more job boards, post your jobs to state unemployment offices with your FEIN number, as well as screen capture your postings on those sites. This is a more thorough approach. So, if you were to talk to DirectEmployers, they would tell you that you need to do more. We work very closely with many HR compliance firms and have been told that what we do satisfies the federal requirement.

Our ATS also offers many more features that Direct Employers are not able to offer such as system-guided dispositioning, batching, a mobile application, etc. which help with your compliance efforts. There are many different companies that are willing to do different things to help you with your compliance efforts. Not only will our software aid you in your efforts but our team will help you should you be audited. You will have a customer success manager available to you as well as our customer care department. Our service is second to none.

Arcoro is considered a Federal sub-contractor so we internally must follow the same regulations and we do not do the extra steps Direct Employers offers. It is truly a choice on how your company wants to handle this.

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