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2020-4 April Release Notes

To make it easier for our customers that have more than one Arcoro Module, we have enhanced the sign-in process with Single Sign-On (SSO)  to make it easier to navigate between the respective modules. These enhancements include an updated sign-in screen, account lockout, first-time emails for users, and website navigation.


Updated Sign-In Page

When you sign in to your account, you will see an updated sign-in page where you will enter your username and password like always. We have added a "Remember Me" checkbox so it will keep your username for the future.



Account Locked

When a user enters an incorrect password for a username five times, the username will be automatically locked for five minutes. The text "Account Locked" will appear beneath the logo and an email will be sent to the user letting them know that their account has been locked. From the email, the user can reset their password if necessary.

Please Note: If there may be malicious intent, the user should reset their password immediately to help alleviate any possible security concerns.



User Creation - Email Verification

When adding new users to any of your Arcoro modules, they will receive an email that includes their username and a link to verify their account that will be valid for 72 hours.


Clicking the "Verify Account" button will confirm their email address and bring the user to a page to set up their password.


When the user creates their password, they will receive an on-screen confirmation with a button to sign in and an additional email to confirm the creation of their password.


Please Note: If you add the same user to other Arcoro modules, they will only receive one email to verify their account when they are initially created. 

Requires For User Creation

The user’s username, first name, last name and email address must be consistent across all modules.

Best Practice:

  • Recommended to use the email address as a username.
  • Username can be updated by Admins

Username Requirements:

  • Less than 100 Characters.
  • No Spaces
  • Allowed Special Characters: ~`@-_’.+
  • Username must be unique across all Arcoro modules.

Email Requirements:

  • Email address must be valid and is advised to be unique for each user.
  • If a user does not have an email address, then a manager or admin email address can be used.

When using Onboarding Web Import, Location is now a required field.


Main Module Navigation

To switch between different modules, you would click the appropriate button next to your name and profile picture in the top right.



Learning & Performance Modules - Account Admin & Reports

For the Learning & Performance modules, "Account Admin" and "Reports" have been relocated to the top right next to main module navigation.


Help & User Profile

Help is now found by clicking on your user profile in the top right.


Password Management

"Change Password" Temporarily Removed

Some pages have had their change password temporarily removed, but they will return.

Applicant Tracking – User Preferences 


Onboarding – User Menu


Learning Management System – Account Information



Forgot Your Password?

On the updated sign-in page, there will be a "Forgot Your Password?" link beneath the "Sign In" button. Clicking "Forgot your Password?" will let the user enter their username and receive an email with instructions on resetting their password.



The password reset email will be valid for 72 hours and will have a button to reset the password. Clicking the "Reset Password" button will bring them to a webpage to create their new password. After the password has been updated, there will be a message indicating that it was successful and another email will be sent to confirm the password update.



Resetting A Password

The existing options for an admin to reset password throughout the Arcoro modules are present. Updates to this process include a change in the email password flow as detailed above. The current methods of resetting a password are:


Onboarding New Hire - New Hire

New Hires can have their password changed or reset.


Onboarding New Hire - Electronic Filing Cabinet

Users can have their password changed or reset through the Electronic Filing Cabinet.



Users can have their password reset with the Talent module.


Company Setup

During setup of an account, an Arcoro ID will be used to connect brands together.

If using the Talent Management System, only or if this is the first brand to be setup, then the Arcoro ID field can be left blank and the Arcoro ID field will auto-populate once the setup is complete for other brands.

If the Talent Management System is the second or third brand to be set up, then you would populate the Arcoro ID generated during the setup of the other brands.


Learning Welcome Message

The customizable Learning Welcome Message now includes new default content and to send a secondary email with the user's username and password.


Additional Enhancements

Enhancement Description
Learning Reset Password Customizable Email Template This email template has been removed.
A default standardized reset email message will be sent.
Onboarding import

Location is now a required field


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