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Engagement - Promoter Score

The Promoter Score tab presents a visual display of Administrator reported Scores based on a specified date range.

The Net Promoter Score is used to determine how likely an Account might refer the HRIS system to another potential user of the Application.  This metric aides in the identification of potential churn.

Included is a line chart showing the trend of the Average Net Promoter score for the selected Date Range.  The Date Range fields default to the previous 12 months - revise and click Refresh to view other desired date ranges.  The Average Net Promoter score shown is an average of all scores submitted by Administrators for the given Quarter.

Displayed below the Line Chart, is a detailed view of the Net Promoter data for a given Quarter. This data grid includes a dropdown to select the desired Quarter available for reporting (based upon the Data Range entered at the top of the screen).  When a Quarter is selected from the dropdown field, the data grid will populate showing the results of the Scores submitted by Administrators for the account (for the selected Quarter). 


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