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Process for 360 Evaluations

Creating your 360 Evaluations and starting the project is a simple process across the Performance and 360 Evaluations modules.

  1. Create a 360 Evaluation - Create the 360 Evaluation form that the raters will be completing. 
  2. Create your Project - Create the project to manage the 360 Evaluation.
  3. Set Up Rater/Ratee Relationships - Setup the raters and ratees for the Evaluation.
  4. Create an Email Template (Optional) for Launch Emails - Create the email template that will be used for inviting your participants.
  5. Set up Launch Email - Send the emails that will launch your 360 Evaluation project.
  6. Track your Participants - Track the participants of your 360 Evaluation to confirm who has completed or not completed the 360 Evaluation. 
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