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Reviewing Offer Letters from Job Profile in ATS

Create and manage applicant offer letters that have been sent to your candidates if you need to send, check the status, or rescind an offer letter. 

Navigating to Applicant Offer Letters
  • Click Jobs from the top menu.


  • While viewing the table for your jobs, click the job title under the "Job Title" column.


  • Make sure that the candidate is set to the 'Offer' stage. This will allow the Offer Letter icon to appear under the 'Actions' column.


  • Click the Manage Applicant Offer Letter icon.


Offer Letter List Page


Once an offer letter has been created for a candidate, a list of their offer letters will display in a table with the following headings:

Created Date
Date offer letter was originally created
Created By
User who created offer letter
Offer letter title entered on the Letter page of the setup wizard
Statuses of an offer letter are as follows:
  • Active
  • Pending Approval
  • Accepted
  • Rescinded
Clicking the "..." button shows a menu of available actions:
  • View Email - Displays a preview of the email sent to the candidate
  • View Offer Letter - Displays a preview of the offer letter
  • View Approval Process - Displays a visual representation of the approval workflow. Once a level of the approval process has been completed, the name of the user who approved it and a date and time stamp of when it was approved (or rejected) will display. If an approval notification needs to be resent to a single approver, the user can select the name of the approver. Selecting the mail icon that displays to the right of the approval name(s) will send the notification to all approvers in that level. This is the only location where a notification can be sent to a backup approver(s)
  • View Offer Letter Response - Displays a PDF that shows the offer letter with e-signatures and comments
  • Rescind - Rescind should be used if an offer to the candidate needs to be canceled or edited after it has been sent. Once an offer letter has been sent to a candidate, it cannot be edited. It must be first rescinded and a new offer letter including the desired changes created. Only one offer letter can be active for any one candidate

Add New Offer Letter

To add a new offer letter, you can refer to the following article: How to Create an Offer Letter

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