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Process for Completing Manager Evaluation(s) in Performance

  1. Click the PERF_-_Icon_-_00.png icon to open an Evaluation from the "Evaluations Due" section of the Home page.  


  2. If a self-evaluation was completed first, the self-responses will be located towards the right-hand side. As the Manager, your responses will display on the left.


  3. Use the drop-down menu in the top-right to show Self, Manager, or Both responses.


  4. If Goals are part of the evaluation form, use the "Completed" checkbox to complete the goal with a specified date. The completed goal(s) can be reviewed from the employee's My Goals' page by selecting the Completed goal view.


  5. Enter PIN, if required and click on Save as Complete.


  6. If Manager Post Approval & Additional Approvers are enabled:
    • The Manager's Manager may be set up to approve an Evaluation during the setup of the Evaluation. The 2nd-Level Manager will receive a notification to let them know they need to approve an evaluation. The 2nd-Level Manager can add comments and approve or reject the Evaluation. If rejected, the information will then be sent back to the direct Manager for them to make adjustments to the evaluation, if needed. The evaluation will not move to the next approver until the 2nd-Level Manager approves.
    • If "Additional Approvers" are set up for the Evaluation, the first approver will receive a notification to let them know they need to approve an evaluation. The additional approvers can add comments and approve or reject the Evaluation. The information will be sent back to the Manager to make adjustments to the Evaluation if rejected by an additional approver. The evaluation will NOT move to the next approver until the Evaluation is approved.
  7. The Manager can always see where the evaluation form is by selecting the "Pending Approvals" button. The employee does not see the comments from the additional approvers, only the name of the additional approvers under the Pending Approval tab.


  8. From the "Evaluation Due" tab, the Manager can see the status of the evaluation under the "Status" column, for example, approved, not approved. Click the link "Not Approved" to view comments entered by the approvers.


  9. Once all approvals have been completed, the Employee is able to review the evaluation form with the manager's comments from the Home page of Performance.
  10. The manager should schedule a time to meet with the employee to review the evaluation.
  11. Employee and Manager enter their PIN, if applicable, and click Finalize.


  12. The following message will appear once completed in full.


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