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Business Units: Direct Deposit

If "Has Direct Deposit?" is checked, additional configuration options appear.

If "Require Direct Deposit?" is checked, new hires added to any location under that business unit will be required to supply direct deposit information when completing their new hire paperwork.

The maximum number of accounts employees can add for Direct Deposit can be identified using the "Maximum number of accounts for Direct Deposit" drop-down menu. Up to six accounts can be added.

You may then choose which Amount Types will be available for an employee to use (Percent, Dollar, and Remainder of Net Pay). Administrators can also give employees the option to have a combination of Pay Card and Bank Account, if allowed by the company. Select "Require card number" if pay card account and routing information needs to be entered during the onboarding process.


If both Pay Card and Bank Account are accepted, employees will see a drop-down on the Direct Deposit page for selecting Pay Card or Bank Account prior to entering the remaining deposit information.

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