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Forms for Onboarding

The Forms tab of Administration allows you to view and manage Government and/or Custom Forms.

Navigating to Forms in Onboarding
  • While viewing Onboarding, click Administration from the menu bar.


  • From the Administration bar, click Forms.


  • You will see your existing forms.


Government Forms


The current Government forms available are:

  • I9
  • W4 Federal
  • W4 State

The above-listed forms cannot be modified and in the event that any of the above-listed forms are updated by the Government, Arcoro will update the forms.

The only items that can be adjusted from this page are which job titles and/or locations are presented the forms.

State W4

The State W4 that is presented to a new hire will be based on the primary state or state that they live in. The new hire's state will be pre-populated to their work state, but can be updated by the new hire if they work and live in different states. 

Form Activation Settings

  • The only actions available for forms are "Form Activation Settings."


  • The form activation settings allow you to specify who should view a particular form based on their location and/or job title. Generally, these do not need to be changed for Government forms. If any checkbox is unchecked, the new hire for the location/job title will not be presented the form. 


Custom Forms

Arcoro administrators can enable a custom form for completion by an employee or a manager. Once the form is completed by a new hire, it is available for review in the Electronic Filing Cabinet and can be saved or printed as needed. Contact your Arcoro Customer Success Manager for assistance in managing custom forms.

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