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Unlocking a New Hire to Update/Correct Paperwork & Resetting their Password

"Unlock New Hire" allows the new hire access to log in to Onboarding and correct their paperwork if any errors were found. The option to "Unlock New Hire" is only available if the new hire has completed their paperwork and a manager has not yet completed their portion of their paperwork.

When unlocked, the new hire will be moved to the "Incomplete New Hires" tab.

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Unlocking a New Hire

  • Click New Hire Dashboard from the top menu.


  • The Manager Action Items tab should be the initial tab shown. If not, click the tab.


  • You will see the Manager Actions Items page like below. New Hires that have completed their paperwork will be listed.


  • Click the ... button under the Action column.


  • Click Unlock New Hire.


  • Click Unlock in the confirmation window.


  • The new hire will now be able to sign in to complete/update their paperwork. 

Resetting Password for a New Hire

If the new hire filled out their paperwork through Kiosk mode and did not enter their own email, you can set up a password for them from the "Incomplete New Hires" tab so they can sign in and correct their paperwork. 

  • Click the Incomplete New Hires tab.


  • Click the ... button under the Action column for an employee and click Change Password.


  • Update the password for the new hire.


  • The new hire will now be able to sign in with their kiosk-generated username and password you created for them.
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