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Alerts for Enterprise

HRIS completes data checks on each employee record.  Based on the data check, an alert may be posted to the "Alerts" page on the HR Portal Homepage.  Administrators can review alerts daily and take appropriate action to resolve any issues.

Alerts resolved for any given day will not be cleared until the alert cycle, which may vary. The "Last Processed" field should be referenced for any alerts that were processed for the current day.

A "Record Count" link is available next to each alert providing a detailed view of which employees were affected by the alert.  Alerts can be resolved by following the Employee link available on the detail view and taking the appropriate action against the employee record.

Administrators review the "Alerts" page on a daily basis to ensure that records are maintained appropriately within the system. The administrator will review and correct eligibility rules associated with any event.

The "Alerts" page contains:

  • Alerts
  • Automated Alerts Activity

For more information about the alerts and their descriptions, you can refer to the following article: Alerts - Alert Description



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