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Engagement - Engagement Tab

The Engagement Score tab presents a visual display of Engagement Scores based on a date range as well as a module summary. This data reflects which modules are being used by each Account , as a result of the Monthly Engagement system query.  This screen includes a line chart showing the trend of Engagement score for the selected Date Range (defaulted to the previous 12 months). Revise date range and click Refresh to view. 

Below the Line Chart, a detailed view of the Engagement data for a selected month should be displayed.  The data grid is generated by selecting a month that is available for reporting (based upon the Data Range entered at the top of the screen).  When a month is selected from the dropdown field, the data grid will populate showing the results of the Module usage for the account (for the selected month).  The In-Use column displays a green check mark indicator as to whether the module is being used or not.  


Engagement Scoring data found on this screen is calculated by the HRIS system utilizing a background task which executes on the 1st day of each Month. The table below shows a defined weight of those modules in use:

Module Engagement Rule Weight
Administrator Usage At least one Administrator has logged into the application at least 10 times within the past 30 days 18
Employee Usage At least 50 login’s by employees (non-administrator’s) within the past 30 days 10
ACA ACA Agreement is signed and at least one Measurement Setting is defined 4
Applicant Tracking At least one open Job Posting 4
Benefit Management One active Benefit Package configured with at least one employee enrolled in a benefit from that package. 4
Payroll TBD 4
Perf Mgmt: Positions At least one Position defined with at least one employee assigned to a Position 4
Perf Mgmt: Priorities & KPI’s At least on KPI defined with at least two Data Entry values entered against the KPI 4
Perf Mgmt: Goals At least 5 approved and  active goals. Active shall mean a goal with a start date less than  Processing Date and an End Date greater than the Processing Date 4
Perf Mgmt: Skills At least one skill defined with at least one employee assigned to that skill 4
Perf Mgmt: Training & Achievement At least one Training Item defined with at least one employee assigned to the Training Item 4
Perf Mgmt: Reviews At least one Review Template defined  4
Perf Mgmt: Performance Log At least one performance log entry in the last 90 days 4
Prefilled Forms At least one active Prefilled Form exists 4
Surveys At least one survey exists with at least one employee completing that survey 4
TLM: Time & Attendance At least one Time Card has been completed in the past 30 days. 4
TLM: Time Off Tracking At least one Accrual Rule exists 4
TLM: Expense Tracking Expense Tracking has been activated and at least one employee has been assigned permissions to submit an expense report 4
Wellness At least one active Wellness Campaign exists 4
Workflow Mgmt At least one active Workflow exists with at least on Instance created within the past 30 days 4
Total   100
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