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Rollover Mappings Overview

For Open Enrollments where employees should be processed into the elections they had previously instead of Waive, administrators will need to create a rollover mapping to give employees their correct elections. 

Navigating to Rollover Mappings
  • Expand 'Settings' and click Benefit Management from the menu.


  • Click Rollover Mappings from the ribbon near the top of the page.



The rollover mapping page will have columns for:

  • Mapping Name - Clicking the mapping name link will let you edit the rollover mapping.
  • (Package) From - The benefit package that will be rolled over from.
  • (Package) To - The benefit package that will be rolled over to.
  • Print - Clicking print will allow you to download and view a PDF of the benefits/plans that will be rolling over from one package to the other.

The Actions drop-down menu will let you:


  • Add New Rollover Mapping
  • Delete Selected Record(s)

Adding New Rollover Mapping


  • Processing a Rollover Mapping - Once you add a Rollover Mapping below, you can process the rollover from the Plan Utilities toolbar option (via the Create Benefit Records utility option).
  • To review a rollover mapping once built, always review an existing mapping by clicking the 'Print' option on the rollover mapping screen. Do not go back into the rollover mapping to view 
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