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Pay Schedules: Step 1 - Enter Pay Schedule Name

Open the menu from the top left, click Setup to expand the options, and click Setup Properties.


Click Schedule Configuration to expand the menu and click Pay Schedules.


From the action drop-down menu, click Add New Pay Schedule.


Administrators may name the Pay Schedule as they wish as to not confuse the additional administrators who will be assigning them on the employee demographic level. Common names are Bi-weekly, Weekly, Monthly, and Semi-Monthly. Administrators may add additional description notes for a better understanding of exactly which pay schedule they are creating for employee assignment. When administrators have two separate pay ranges or even pay dates for a 26 pay period schedule, it would be a good idea to alter the name and possibly the description at this step.


This is the default schedule for new employees - Administrators can make one of their pay Schedules the default pay Schedule if auto-assignment is preferred or if all employees are all on the same Pay Schedule.

Always base Per Pay Compensation Rates on the following number of Pay Periods - This option is for pay schedules that may be semi-monthly or even bi-weekly that may have 25 or 27 pay dates depending on the year you are configuring. If you must always deduct the employees pay 26 or 24 times like the title of the pay Schedule suggest (Bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly) then you may use the bottom checkbox to deduct the correct number of deductions annually. You see this more commonly used when benefit packages are off-cycle from the calendar year like 7/1-6/30. Administrators will still need to exclude pay dates at benefit level or hard code benefits with correct deductions after the cycle has been determined. When per pay compensation rates are always based on the following number of pay periods, an employee's compensation that has been assigned to the pay schedule with the checkbox will have their compensation multiplied by the selected number For example, a semi-monthly pay schedule has been assigned and has been based on 24 pay periods. $1,200 per amount has been assigned to the employee. The annual amount is now $28,800.

After entering the Pay Schedule name, description, and any option settings, click Save Schedule at the bottom before proceeding to "Step 2 - Configure Dates."


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